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The GhipShip

Virtual Tour

Stroll through the mythical Ghipship before we've even pounded a tyre. 


2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom,

0 Air Conditioners

With glorious North facing floor to ceiling windows the suns rays will be directed into the  GhipShip during winter, and shielded during summer.

BAL-29 Fire Planning

Surrounded on three sides by Wombat Forest, the 'Farm Zone' land offers equal parts beauty and risk. East, South and West walls will be buried in earth and the the North will have a 40 metre "defendable space"

DALL·E 2023-04-01 18.30.10 - a graphic of a construction site with  structural engineering

Council Approved

It's Legit. Ghipship will go through all necessary requirements to achieve a certificate of occupancy. We'll have little diamond stickers stopping visitors from walking into windows, our effluent will be safely treated on site, and our tyre wall will be impenetrable from water. Plans have been submitted to council along with a variety of permits, reports and assessments. To date admin costs have cost more than $20,000. 

Purchase Land

Settlement, May 7th 2021

Planning Permit

Hepburn Council Planning Permit, September 3rd 2020

Building Permit

Structural Engineer
Energy Assessment
Soil Test

Septic Permit

Performance Solution

Building Permit


First workshop Jan 13th

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