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Owner Builders

Kate & Jason

Our shared adventures with mud, tyres and tools span decades and continents. We met in 2009, started dating in 2017, and got married in 2022. However the important details are what we have built and learned along the way.   

'Ghipship', will be our home. After building Earthships across the globe we are finally breaking ground on our own build. We look forward to waking up in it each day but are also embracing the journey and the stories as they unfold.

All About Kate

...As described by Jason

It's not often an in-flight movie changes the trajectory of your life, but that is exactly what occurred when Kate launched into 'Garbage Warrior'.  Whilst a child care worker and council manager by trade, the documentary introduced Kate to a world where comfortable and sustainable environments can be built that work within the laws of nature as opposed to fighting against them. Better yet, they are made possible through communities consisting of like minded, hard working, volunteers. 


Since the flight Kate has built  in Tasmania, New Zealand, Indonesia, Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia. In 2018 in Taos, New Mexico, the home of Earthships, Kate undertook the Biotecture Academy and explored the intricate details of WOMs and POMs, R Values and God Tyres.  However her fine eye, patience and attention to detail paired perfectly with bottle wall construction and she is growing a beautiful portfolio of work. Bottles aside, she'll happily spend days moving dirt on her tractor, whipping up a shed, cleaning my glasses, or designing a geodome circus tent.


Jason, the superhero of all things awesome, dove headfirst into his Earthship adventure under the wise wing of Kate. His journey began with a tiny cob project - an outdoor bathtub and a snazzy recycled bottle steps in Alice Springs. This marked the start of a magical path of self-discovery into the world of natural construction. His passion for it was so intense that he waved goodbye to his youth work days and embraced a new career as a full-time tradesperson.

At the construction site, he's a dynamo, zipping around like a hyperactive hummingbird. Whether he's a lone ranger nailing tasks, a team player extraordinaire, or the captain of the volunteer squad, he's always buzzing with energy. Not shy to bust out some slick dance moves or share a hilarious joke, he's the life of the party. One of the most dedicated workers you'll find. From the crack of dawn until the job's done, he's there giving his absolute best and somehow, he manages to capture it all on camera - Instagram, Facebook, TikTok - you name it, he's all over it!

Jason now takes on every construction puzzle with a skip in his step, ready to lend a hand with any venture. Whether it's massive government projects, stunning natural builds, cozy home makeovers or even jaw-dropping garden designs, he's all in! With Kate's imaginative flair in the mix, there's no limit to the craziness of ideas he can whip into reality. Armed with his treasure trove of skills and wisdom, he’s making dreams come true through the new family business every single day.


...As described by Kate

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