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January 13th - 28th Workshop

'Ghipship', our beautiful, mystical, mythical Earthship wont happen without a supportive community around us. Our first workshop will take place in January, with the hope to build the tyre wall, cooling tubes, vapor barrier, Northern stem wall, grey planter cell and a bottle wall. 

Seeking volunteers now!

Workshop Details. 

For 16 days call Mollongghip home as you;  camp, eat, play, boogie and build an absolutely stunning Earthship.

If you're looking for an opportunity to make a real difference in the world, and have fun doing it,  consider volunteering to build an earthship! This unique building design is all about sustainability, using recycled materials (tyres, botte, cans, carpet, bricks) and renewable energy to create a home that's both beautiful and sustainable. As a volunteer, you'll get to be part of the hands-on construction process -- everything from pounding tyres to building bottle bricks and setting up the core components that make an earthship tick, like the planter cell and cooling tubes.


With the chance to camp on site you'll be fully immersed in the community atmosphere, working together with others to create something truly special. Whether you want to stay in a swag, tent, or medium sized caravans we've got room for you. 

For more information, complete the form below and we'll email the induction package with everything you need to know. 

What Volunteers Get...

  • All your Earthship questions answered by experts, including 'Earthship Eco Homes's Martin Freney. 

  • 3 meals provided each work day 

  • Hand on skills in earthship construction 

  • Evening events, such as expert presentations, jam sessions, yoga and more

  • Insurance covering injury. 

  • 20 acres of bush camping (Everything from swag to medium sized carvan is ok)

  • Limited electricity, the site is off grid.  

What Volunteers Give...

  • 6 work days per week (Wed = Rest Day)

  • Fees, which help cover meals, insurance and similar costs to improve your stay 

  • A commitment to the safety of everyone on site 

  • Grow a meaningful community as you camp, build and entertain together 

  • Help Kate and Jason build their off grid sustainable Earthship home

  • A positive, welcoming, attitude with an eagerness to contribute, learn and play


Martin Freney

Owner of Earthship Ecohomes

Designer of Ghipship and many other amazing builds

Australia's leading Earthship Guru


David Flanders

Qualified Surveyor 

Owner 'Earthsteading' 

Participant in WA and multiple SA builds


Clive Digney

Owner of East Augusta's Earthship Earth 1.

Experience in Taos, Japan, Australia, Indonesia and More 


Kate & Jason

Your hosts

Earthship experience in Taos (academy), Indonesia, WA, SA, Tas & NZ

Volunteer Packages

Total Duration : $1100

January 13 - 28th 

Weekend Warrior 

Jan 20 & 21 $250


Jan 26-28 $300

Spend 16 days camping on site in Mollongghip with 3 meals provided on work days.  

Pound tyres, build bottle bricks, work on cooling tubes, indoor planter cells and vapor barriers. 

As Saturday's and Sunday's will be the most exciting days, Tuesday and Wednesday will be rest days. 

If you cant get away from the daily grind Monday to Friday , spend the weekend with us instead. 

Arrive any time Friday and join us for dinner, along with meals 

Camp onsite, or travel back and forth 

Squeeze in an extra day with the Ghipship as January 26th is a public holiday, welcome to arrive Thursday 

Returning Weekender $600

Jan 13&14, Jan 20 & 21 

AND Jan 26-28 

Experienced Earthshippers

Weekend Warrior x 3

Lock in three weekends from the start and see the project evolve 

We value the contribution returning earthshippers make to any build. If you think this is you, please include this in the "about you" below and we may be able to arrange a discount. 

Screenshot 2021-04-19 172550_edited.jpg

Cant make January, but want to stay connected?

No spam, no marketing. Just a simple mailing list to stay in contact, ask questions, or find out when our workshops are taking place. 

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