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Bottle Collection

Planning a Visit? Please bring unbroken glass bottles with you.
Especially keen for blue, red and clear.

Finally, we ask that you bring your recycling 
Because the threat to the earth, is nothing short of frightening

We want your glass bottles of clear, green and blue
In the thousands, we wish to accrue 

An excuse from today, to visit Dan Murphy's 
Coronoa, Bombay, Heineken or Furphies 

Humbly we ask you to start collecting

and deliver when our wedding, you are attending


For those unaware, we add a paragraph
Each Bottle we shall take and slice it in half

Cleaned and dried, two halves make a whole
A similar shape to an Aussie Sausage Roll 

This new whole makes a 'bottle brick' 
Then mixing mortar, here comes the trick

In neat arrangements the bottles are placed
Precision important, they must be equally spaced 

With a little time, cement grips bottles tight

And then we reveal a viewers delight
You've helped us build a beautiful wall

 thats different through day and after nightfall

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