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Not Mentioning the C Word

So many traditions are really absurd,

We dont want to mention or utter the word. 

Dough, pineapples,  loot, the folding stuff

But honestly, your presence is more than enough.

Our lives together have already begun,

We have almost everything under the sun.

If you should wish to bring us a gift,

Some of your hard earned, would give us a lift.

Its crude to discuss from Tassie to Colarado, 
But we are not asking for avocados.
Time with family, not on the roster,
We'd honestly be happy with less than a lobster.

We are simple with life and enjoy the good things, 
Like smiles and giggles, what experiences life brings.

If a gift however you'd like to give, 

Please think of us and the way that we live.

To make it easy for you, and allow your hands free

Seeds we have planted and grown a money-tree.

Envelopes provided for those that have room 

Attaching your best wishes for both bride and the groom.

Now that we have saved you all of the fuss.

We cant wait for you to celebrate with us. 

Please, give us Dollarydoos.



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